Surprise Christmas Pets May Be Overwhelming

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Tuesday December 26, 2006

In the days after Christmas, animal shelters sometimes feel the effects of unwanted holiday pets.

Sometimes new pet owners decide their Christmas puppy or kitten is just too much work. It turns out area shelters are usually the ones that take those pets.

The Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Services Center encourages new pet owners to make informed decisions to see if they're ready for the commitment.

"If you happen to be the lucky person who got a package under the Christmas tree that's alive, either a dog or a kitten, you really need to be thinking about what to do and make sure his life is important, because not only is it a wonderful opportunity, but it’s a lifetime commitment and it’s a big responsibility," said Donna Hansell, assistant director at the Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Services Center.

If you have questions about a new pet or you want to get your furry friend spayed or neutered, call the Animal Services Center at (850) 891-2950.