RoseNet Web Bug

It has affected most of the RoseNet subscribers. Especially those with cable modems because there are so many people who connect with this modem.

But city officials want people to know help is on the way.

Wally Doppenberg is the owner of a food processing company, and depends on the Internet for daily operation.

He says when his system crashed...temporarily, so did his business.

"I communicate with a lot of food processing companies all over the u-s and that is out primary means of communication, so it was a mess, it was bad," Doppenberg shares.

His system was one of many that was attacked by a digital worm.

The virus got into the system and the data flowing to and from users eventually clogged their connection.

The city has reacted quickly to the situation by informing people and they've been restoring service daily.

After inserting a clean-up disk, Doppenberg couldn't believe how quickly he was up and running again.

But he doesn't know where he'd be without his Internet service.

"Technical support here with CNS folks is top notch they are thumbs up in my book," explains Doppenberg.

To avoid this worm, utility officials want to encourage people to always upgrade your with your provider and invest in an anti-virus protector.

Actually some don't know until their system crashes, but you'll experience really slow service even on instant dial up modems.

If you think you may have this worm call CNS Technical Support at 229-227-7086.