Land for Sale, Land to Clean Up

Area residents say they want their community cleaned up, but officials say they're strapped for the cash to make it happen. However, real estate could be the answer.

Residents say District 2 in Perry is plagued with garbage and drugs, and many have gone to city officials for help.

Perry Resident Galvin McNeal says, "I'm just on the outside looking in, but it's a lot of things that they can do to get this done. I think they're doing a beautiful job, the city myself, but you have to speak out about those things that you need to be done."

City Councilman Alphonso Dowdell says the council has been aware of the problem, but did not have the financial means to do much about it. However, they expect that to change once they sell off a property on Jefferson Street.

"We'll use this money from this land and do some of the cleanup and beautify our city,” explained Dowdell. “We have grown up lots, we have abandoned buildings. It's a place where a lot of people use it for dope.”

The approximate three-acre property was donated to the city several years ago.

Dowdell says selling it to fund the clean-up efforts would be more beneficial to the community. "We want to make it a place where people coming through will want to live here," he says.

The land is appraised at $170,000. The city will start accepting bids in February.

The council says there are a few other smaller city-owned lots it is looking at putting up for sale as well.