Former President Gerald Ford Dies

Former President Gerald Ford has died at the age of 93.

President Bush got the sad news while vacationing on his Texas ranch. Mr. Bush and the First Lady issued a statement last night saying that they were "greatly saddened" by the passing of former President Ford.

"With his quiet integrity, common sense and kind instincts, President Ford helped heal our land and restore public confidence in the presidency."

That of course, in part, is in reference to Mr. Ford's assuming the presidency after President Richard Nixon's resignation over the watergate scandal. Ford subsequenlty pardoned the disgraced Nixon.

The first couple also said America will always admire Ford's "devotion to duty, his personal character and the honorable conduct of his administration."

As President Ford struggled with his health, he was seldom seen in public, but this past April , he gave photographers the opportunity to take pictures of he and President Bush, who visited him in California.

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