Putting the Brakes on Fatalities

Florida dot officials say October is one of the peak months for traffic fatalities. We've seen in our area, just in the past two weeks, at least four people lose their lives in car accidents.

It's a scene Florida motorists say is all to common on our roadways. Francis Moore, traveling from Jacksonville, said, "It's scary out there on the roads today, people driving entirely too fast, I admit I exceed the speed limit, but if you go the speed limit, you will get run over now."

Last year alone, more than three thousand people were killed in traffic crashes in Florida.

Nationally, that number exceeded forty thousand, but many could have been prevented. So, Florida's DOT is observing its third annual "put the brakes on fatalities day."

Ian Satter, Florida department of transportation, said, "Just be extra cautious, you have to drive like your life depends on it."

Putting the brakes on fatalities is as easy as being a defensive driver. That means, you don't just look out for your own driving, but the driving of others around you.

Florida DOT officials say it'll take a concerted effort by everyone, including pedestrians and cyclists to make our roadways a safer place.

It's estimated that 38 percent of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related and officials say 43 drivers could be saved every day if drunk driving could be eliminated.