Should Saddam's Death Be Televised?

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According to the Associated Press, it is now a matter of hours before Saddam Hussein is put to death. There is debate about whether the execution should be televised, and if so, who would watch.

Saddam is scheduled to die no later than this weekend according to the latest reports from the associated press. The death will happen once the United States hands custody of Saddam over to the Iraqi government.

"Being hung or whatever way they do it, I think that it is terrible. I wouldn't watch it," says Ebony Maxie.

"I don't care if it was Hitler, Stalin or my worse enemy. I couldn't take joy in watching someone hang. I would watch the funeral, just for the piece of mind of knowing some things are over," says Christen Ellrich.

Saddam's lawyers are calling this an "unfair execution." Saddam has exhausted appeals of his death sentence for the killing of 148 people in 1982.

"I think it should be televised; I think the whole world should see it. For what he did to his people, I think hanging would be too easy," says Tyrone Burkes.

"We already see enough death on TV. We don't need to see more. All we need to know is that he is gone and his maker has taken him," says Brian Uryga.

"No matter the outcome, as soon as it is done, whether it is live on TV or taped on TV, it will result in more turmoil in the Middle East," says Mark Zubaly.

Iraq's national security advisor told reporters everything will be videotaped from Saddam leaving his cell, to the actual execution. It's unclear if the tape will be shown on Iraqi Television.

Witnesses of Saddam's death will include members of Iraq’s parliament and senior Iraqi officials, as well as families of Saddam's victims.