Puppies Abandoned in Woodville

A litter of puppies is struggling to survive after someone piled them in a dog food bag and abandoned them in the woods.

The week old bull dog pups were dehydrated and experiencing hypothermia when two neighborhood boys heard them whimpering.

One of the puppies died Thursday night and vets at Tallahassee's Animal Service Center are now struggling to keep the rest of the litter warm and alive.

"These puppies didn't have much longer. If they hadn't been found when they were and if those boys hadn't done what they did, then these puppies most likely would not be with us,” says Service Center Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Reeves.

The shelter has found one foster parent and is looking for another who is willing to bottle feed the puppies every two to three hours for the next few weeks.

As for the culprit who abandoned the puppies, Leon County deputies have canvassed the neighborhood off Charlie Ash Lane looking for leads and intend to dust the bag for fingerprints.