Capital City Countdown

Tallahassee is hosting a New Year's Eve bash this Sunday, hoping to fill Kleman Plaza with revelers, fireworks and confetti. The best part about it: it's free!

Folks at the Challenger Learning Center are busy putting together hundreds of plastic champagne glasses to toast in the New Year.

"Of course, we're going to scale it down," says Center Director Michelle Personette. "But I think it'll be like a mini Times Square in Tallahassee!"

Okay, it may not be Times Square, but organizers are hoping to lure folks to Kleman Plaza Sunday night to countdown to the New Year. The final 10 seconds of 2006 will be projected on the side of a building and then, a shower of fireworks and confetti.

"We're not going to have a ball this year, but next year hopefully, we're going to get our ball constructed," says Shawn Shepherd of Harry's Seafood. "Actually, it'll be a star like the Tallahassee star for the city logo."

Shepherd cooked up the idea when he realized a lot of folks sat home and twiddled their thumbs that night, with no family friendly options.

So, this one will feature music, food, ice skating and more.

"Our whole family would have such a great time coming down and just, you know, it's wonderful to have something that everyone can do together, all ages," says Christy Grant who plans to attend the countdown.

The phone keeps ringing as folks inquire about the night's events and they're keeping their fingers crossed that Mother Nature won't rain on their party.

The fun begins at 7:30PM Sunday evening.

The outdoor celebration at Kleman Plaza is free.

An indoor VIP party at the Challenger Center is $75 bucks a head or $135 dollars a couple. It's selling out quickly too; there are only about 100 tickets left.

For more information about all the countdown events, call 850-645-STAR.