Jail Mail: Inmate's Special Deliveries Under Investigation

Decatur County deputies say an inmate at their jail had found an ingenious way to get pot behind bars.

The letters are addressed to an inmate from Atlanta who is being housed at the jail.

Guards were doing a check of the mail but it's not the contents of the package that caught their attention. It's what lies under the stamp.

Sergeant Kasandra Barber has been working at the Decatur County Jail for twelve years. She says in her days checking inmates' mail she's never seen anything like this. And it wasn't just one envelope that had pot under the stamp. Five in all have been confiscated by the sheriff's office. Investigators are still checking the return addresses on the envelopes, most of which are from the Atlanta area.

The sheriff says it's a constant problem, people trying to smuggle contraband to inmates, but because this is an illegal substance it carries a harsher punishment.

It’s a difficult task to connect the inmate to the five illegal letters, but investigators are working around the clock trying to track down the person who sent them. Every piece of mail that enters the jail is searched, and in this case a little instinct goes a long way.

Even ordinary items like money or cigarettes and lighters are considered contraband, but this time it's a little more serious. Investigators are still tracking down the three different addresses given. At this point investigators are pretty sure they'll turn out to be fake. Then they'll have to go on writing samples and fingerprints to try and track down the person who sent the letters.