Pastor Remembered

Sunday morning, members of an area community mourned the loss of a beloved pastor. Sunday, residents of Steinhatchee, Florida mourned the loss of Gary Shapley. Shapley was a pastor, who worked part-time as a truck driver. He died in a fiery collision with another truck on Thursday.

Close friends and associates of Shapley say he was a wonderful person. "All of Steinhatchee knew pastor Gary Shapley. We knew him and loved him. He was a very lovable person,"said Pastor Ron Coward of Fellowship Baptist Church. "I was really sad, and I thought to myself, I know where he is because I knew he was a Christian," said Pat Whiddon of Steinhatchee.

The first United Methodist Church of Steinhatchee will hold memorial services next Saturday at 11 a.m., in memory of Shapley.