Efforts to Decrease Drinking and Driving

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Folks are stocking up on the alcohol, preparing to bring in the New Year with a bang. Christina Skarpalezos plans on partying. "We're doing a big party at my friends house so we're trying to figure out shots for everyone."
If you plan on drinking to celebrate the new year you might be concerned about how your going to get home, but a service offered by Budweiser and Triple AAA gets you home safely. The service Tow-2-Go offers assistance to those who have been drinking. They will tow your car and give you a ride home with yellow cab. The best part: it's all free. Christina Skarpalezos says, "I think that's a very good idea. It's just promoting not drinking and driving in a non-financial sticky situation." Kelley Cassels agrees. I'd have to look at what the option may be. Causing myself, my family, or someone else's family bodily injury or death and wreck their life I think I would want to make a choice to use Triple AAA or the Yellow Cab company."
Local law enforcement is also pitching in. SGT. Judy Suchocki of the Tallahassee Police Department, says, "We'll have stepped up enforcement as far a drinking and driving. We want to make sure people are wearing their seat-belts. Slow down a little bit and drive safely." Local law enforcement will also have various check points to catch drunk drivers in hopes of a safer holiday.
If you need the services call: 1-800-AAA-HELP for towing and for a free ride: (850) 580-8080. January 1st is the last day the free service is offered.