Many New Laws Set to Go Into Effect

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Getting rid of Florida's tax on stocks and other investment property was almost an obsession for Governor Jeb Bush.

As he leaves office, he gets his wish. The intangibles tax, the object of his ire for eight years, goes away Monday. Lawmakers repealed what was left of the intangibles tax this year, after scaling it back in previous years.

The end of the tax is one of a handful of new laws that go into effect with the new year.

Meanwhile, Floridians living in nursing homes will also get some help, as the average number of hours per day that nursing staff has to spend with each patient will go up.

Other laws that go into effect Monday include one that will let parents access their child's driving record online and one creating a ``Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys.''

Also starting Monday, motorcycle riders under age 21 will have to have a different license plate than older riders.