New Year, New Goals

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The Durham's got ahead on their new year's resolutions this year.

"We've already lost about 40 pounds and our goal is to lose about 20 more and just to have a good year," says Robert Durham.

They credit their slimming success to avoiding soda and fast food. That's also something Alison Murrah plans for '07.

"Try to to exercise and eat healthier because I have four children and I would like to stay healthy for them," she says.

Others have some non-physical goals in mind.

"I want to pursue more of my art career. Try to spend more time doing that," says Jowl McDaniel.

"Working harder in school maybe cause my grades have been dropping a little bit so I just want to get a little better and please my mom hopefully," adds Charles Murrah.

According to pro-active coach dot com, only forty six percent of new year's resolutions make it sixth months. But, that doesn't scare guys like Valdosta's Carl Fender who is trying to kick smoking.

"I'm going to try to quit forever, but I'm going to play it day by day."

The odds may seem like they're against you, but taking it day by day may be the start of a great year.