Resolution to Work Out

It's New Year’s Day, which of course means time for New Year’s resolutions. Topping many lists is the desire to lose weight or get in shape.

Our area gyms say they were open bright and early this New Year's Day because this is the time in many people pack in as they resolve to lose those extra holiday pounds.

"Anytime during the holidays where there's a lot of food, people will start coming into the gym. You'll see the influx of new people and people who have a membership but haven't been using it. Everybody starts for a good two months and then slowly they start dropping off."

Local gyms say January and February are the busiest times of year. But going and staying there has to be more than just a resolution.

"It's just kind of a personal goal of mine to get in shape and I've been continuing it ever since. That's what I plan on keeping doing."

For those of who may have difficulty keeping that New Year's Resolution of getting in shape, there are some helpful tips.

"Bring a friend. Work out with a friend, one to push the other at all times. Try not to set goals too high to begin with but set good goals. Try not to do a crash diet."

Booth says a personal trainer also helps when starting out. And if you miss a day, it's okay.

Fitness experts say do not give up. The more you work out, the more confident you are, and the better the results.

Experts suggest at least three times a week.