Gadsden County Attempted Murder Trial

Victor Bouie took the stand in his defense and testified that he and his friend Neal Davis got into an argument over a $30 dollar.

He says in middle of the argument Davis walked into a back room and retrieved a gun.

"When I seen the gun I knew he was mad and I tried to grab it an we got into a grab it and we got into a fight over it," said Bouie.

Bouie says the two struggled for some time and then the gun went off hitting Davis in the face, but Davis painted a different picture. In fact, Davis says he was not hit at close range.

Prosecuting attorney Rick Combs says Bouie had intentions of robbing then killing Davis for money. He says Bouie left the scene with Davis' car, but not before running him over and then coming back do it again.

Bouie is no stranger to the law. He has two previous felony charges of aggravated battery and marijuana sale.