Human Remains Update

The Leon County Sheriff's Department says test results are now back, and it appears construction crews there did unearth an old grave yard.

A construction worker stumbled upon a human skull last month at the Wolf Creek subdivision. A full skeleton was found a few days later. Now, word from the sheriff's department that this was no crime scene, rather a burial site with bones that could date back to the early 1900's.

"Because we discovered some wood and some old nails indicative of a coffin with them, we feel like genuinely this is a gravesite that was disturbed," says Mike Wood.

Construction crews have avoided the area where the bones were found, and now the county will issue a formal stop work order for that section of property. According to Leon County's Growth Management office, the developer will now have to bring in an archeologist to find out if there are more graves here. If so, the developer cannot build over them.

"The developer would have to come up with a plan to either protect them where they are by putting them into a conservation easement, move them to another location on site or it's possible they may be relocated to a private cemetery."

The remains uncovered here actually belonged to two different people. The medical examiner says one was indistinguishable. The other was a young man in his 20's.

Ann Stevens' parents used to own this property, and she's relieved to know these remains will be respected.

"It's part of our history. It's part of the people who made Leon County what it is today and I think they should be preserved," says Ann.

Developer Steve Daws says he'll be meeting with an archeologist on site first thing Monday morning. He says if there are only a few graves found, he'll likely move them. If it turns out to be a larger cemetery, he says he may turn it into a green space instead.