Minorities Support Florida's New Governor

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Minorities, who have felt underrepresented over the past eight years, are hoping Governor-Elect Charlie Crist stays true to his word.

Gov. Crist started his day with prayer and song at Florida A&M University.

Preschool Teacher Sakinah Mujahid brought her students from one of the city’s lower-income neighborhoods to see history made and she expressed hope that Crist will continue to listen to the concerns of minority communities.

"I think he has been heavily involved in the civil rights legislation and I think that’s going to be a good sign that he’s going to be a governor for the people."

Crist received up to 18 percent of the black vote, which is the most of any republican gubernatorial candidate, compared to just six percent for Jeb Bush in his last go around.

Right after his speech, Crist pledged to live up to their expectations, saying, "To do everything I can to make sure all Floridians are treated with dignity, that are treated fairly and they get every opportunity that they all deserve."

Even democrats say so far, Crist seems to be walking the walk.

Crist has personally reached out to democratic leaders including state Senator Al Lawson.

"I’m very optimistic that he’s going to be the type of person to look beyond party lines and to work with individuals."

Crist will have his first opportunity when the Legislature convenes in special session later this month.