Interim Chief Gets to Work

It's only been a couple of weeks since Chief Nolan McLeod resigned from the Live Oak Police Department, but Interim Chief Buddy Williams is already jammed with traffic concerns.

Susan Schnaudigal, a Live Oak resident, said of the problems, "People always, in certain areas, want to speed more than they're suppose to, especially uptown you see them running red lights all of the time. We need some more traffic control around here. I think it would keep people from having accidents."

Some city councilmen say Williams should increase traffic enforcement in the city. The acting chief said he already has a plan in place.

"If we receive a location that's a traffic problem or perceived as a traffic problem, we go out and conduct surveys,” he said. “Then we determine if there's an issue with speeding or running a stop sign. Then we go into enforcement mode."

Other city officials fear more enforcement would turn the town into a speed trap.

Another Live Oak resident said, "They're doing good, they're doing good. I see a lot of traffic accidents in the city, but they're dong okay, speeding wise, they're doing their job."

Live Oak police issued more than 2,000 citations last year.

Williams said traffic control is also about public education. He also says he and the 12 patrolman team are facing traffic control concerns and other challenges head on.