The 'Nole Connection

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Will having two Seminoles in the governor's office give FSU an advantage when it comes time for additional funding?

Many diehard Seminoles seem to think with Gov. Charlie Crist and FSU graduate Jeff Kottkamp as lieutenant governor, FSU will have a great advantage in the coming years.

Crist, a 1978 FSU graduate who once served as the university's student body vice president, says he is supportive of all Florida colleges and universities.

"I think he'll be for all of the universities. I see that he's an alumni. Hopefully that will help FSU in some capacity, but I think he's a very fair guy in terms of making sure all of the universities have what they need," said FSU graduate Steve Dyal.

"I'm sure that Charlie Crist, in his own way, will make sure that the Seminoles not only get funded, but get super funded, so take it to the bank," said former FSU student Nancy Riley.

FSU President T.K. Wetherell says the university is extremely proud of its distinguished alumni.

Crist is the second FSU graduate to serve as Florida's governor. Ruebin Askew, who served as Florida governor from 1971 to 1979, is also an FSU graduate.