New Administrator Takes Over

A new county administrator has inherited old problems in the area, including vacant positions and growth development.

Fresh to his new position, Jack Brown has made his to-do list as Taylor County’s new county administrator. Local residents have a few ideas for him as well, including Janice Ross.

"Bring more stuff in here for jobs," she said.

Brown responded, "We have a lot of growth issues that are facing us right now with the development along our coastline. We have issues with the power plant coming into our community. I'm looking forward to working with the city council to help adequately plan for that future growth."

Those developments could help fill the county's need for more jobs.

While both projects are controversial, the Coastal Magnolia Bay development could bring a substantial number of temporary and permanent jobs to Taylor County, and it's believed the proposed coal plant could bring in about 150 jobs.

Ross said, "My son's been looking for a job for six months and he hasn't found one, yet. He's hoping to get one at the power plant."

Also on the to-do list is to hire a fire and rescue chief.

Steve Miller recently stepped down to serve as lieutenant.

"We're trying to hire some more road maintenance technicians,” Brown said. “We're also looking for a community planner."

Brown also says he doesn't want to make a lot of immediate changes, but does look forward to progress.

Brown, a native of Perry, served on the Taylor County Commission for four years before taking over as administrator on New Year's Day, following the resignation of Buddy Humphries.