Smooth Transition for Bond Elementary

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For Tallahassee's Bond Elementary, this means the completion of their first semester since the grand opening of the new facility last fall.

The new building replaced the old Bond and Wesson Elementary Schools.

As 2007 begins, teachers say the transition went well, and the students are loving the new technology.

Students say the state of the art equipment makes learning fun, and allows teachers to be more innovative with their lessons.

After some hesitation in the beginning of the year, teachers are now calling the twelve million dollar facility home.

"Being here, it just feels so much more like home. Wesson was home, but you know, having a new school, two schools put together in a new environment, having all of this new technology is great," said Brandy Tyler-Macintosh, a Bond Teacher.

Student Anika Reem loves the new computers and said, "It's a lot more interesting to learn more about the technology than it was before."

The compound is the first school to be built on the south side in decades.