Remembering a Fallen Hero

The family of a Florida soldier killed in Iraq last week is speaking out. The family of Robert Wise says they want their son to be remembered for his love of life.

Robert wise was just 21 years old when he was killed while serving in Iraq. Though his mother is still grieving, she wanted to speak out and let people know her son may not have lived long, but he lived enthusiastically.

"There was no doubt in his mind of what he was doing and how he was going to get there,” says Tammy Wise.

Robert Wise's love for the military was fostered at Godby High School where he graduated just a few years ago.

"It's unfortunate his life was cut short because he had a bright future,” says COL Norm Mears.

To those in the military, Robert Wise was considered a leader whose confidence was inspiring. His family remembers him for his love of life, his infectious smile and his warmth.

"I miss his promises that everything would be ok. I miss him holding my children," says Marie Hildinger, Robert’s sister.

"I love him. I miss him. I know he loved me," says Tammy Wise.

The family would not talk about the ethics of the war, but Tammy wise says as much as she misses her son, she could not have been more proud of him and his decision to join the military.

There were two other soldiers wounded in the explosion that killed Robert Wise. A Florida National Guard spokesperson says they are both recovering in Germany.