Cracking Down on Speeders

If you plan on traveling on Highway 319 near Coolidge anytime soon, you may want to double check that you're not violating any traffic laws. It's time for the Click It or Ticket campaign, and the Coolidge Police Department has zero tolerance. They say they their goal is make their roads safer than ever

Officers say two major problems are that a lot people drive with suspended licenses and no insurance, and the police are using Click It or Ticket as a way to get to the bottom of this problem

Police Chief James Wright says the roads are pretty calm right now, but in you don't need a police radar to determine how fast drivers go down Highway 319. Just ask a Marty Creel who works nearby.

Chief of Police James Wright says he plans to crack down on those who are breaking traffic laws, especially during click it or ticket.

"We've planted tickets, some to jail, that's a wake up call let them know were drawing the line and we are tired of it and we are going to stop it the best way we can," says Wright.

"Law enforcement officers say their goal is to get traffic violators off the roads, but at times a mere traffic stop can lead to other more serious arrests," Harris adds.

"You might find drugs, alcohol and also you get folks who have felony charges against them that's wanted and running trying to get to other areas," says Wright.

Wright says he hopes neighboring police departments will use their efforts as an example and work together to send a message that those who break the law are heading down a dead-end road.

The police department will continue its efforts until November 30. Within the last three days, they have made three arrests and issued several tickets.