Illegal Dumping Becoming a Big Problem in Gadsden County

The cleanup is the costing them big bucks, and the county is resorting to drastic measures to stop all the illegal dumping. The county is in the process of putting an ordinance on the books. They hope the steep fine will deter folks from dumping trash in the county.

Gadsden County Public Work crews have been spending most of Monday morning cleaning up a sea of trash they believe were dumped by residents from Leon and Liberty Counties, as well as south Georgia.

Randy Parker, Gadsden County Public Works Supervisor, says, "This is only for residents in the incorporated area of Gadsden County that's what this is for not for commercial use, it's only for household garbage."

But crews have spotted people drivng vehicles with tags from other counties dumping household items like washing machines, and broken chairs.

"Despite warning customers to put household garbage only folks have been disposing things like old chairs and old refrigerators and that's costing the county quite a bit of money."

Officials say they spend upwards of $21,000 a month to clean up the trash, and if folks from surrounding counties continue to discard their trash in Gadsden County, residents may not have a lot of these dumping sites available to them.

"They will lose something that we think is especially helpful to them especially for low income residents who need a place to take their household garbage," says Gadsden County Public Works Director Robert Presnell.

Gadsden County officials say the ordinance is now in the hands of the Secretary of State, and once it is approved County officials will impose a $500 fine for anyone caught dumping trash other than household garbage at any of its eight sites.