Delta Skymiles Changes

If you've accumulated Delta Skymiles, there are some changes you may want to consider.

The airline says Skymiles accounts with no activity in two years will expire, so if you have a Skymiles account and there was no activity during 2005 or 2006, the account is December 31, 2006, according to the Delta website.

However, Delta reps say you can keep the account active by using a Skymiles credit card, flying Delta or buying miles.

Delta passenger Atul Patel flew out of Tallahassee Regional Airport on Thursday. He has mixed feelings about the change.

Patel said, "It's not good. I don't really like it. It forces us to take unnecessary flights we really don't want to take, unless it's two years, I think that's pretty good."

Skymiles accounts used to expire after three years of no activity. Delta says it's making the change to reduce mileage liability and cut program administrative cost.