Arrest in 13-Year-Old Murder Case

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Thirteen years ago residents of Chattahoochee, Florida were hit with disturbing news of the discovery of a woman's body. That woman was 42-year-old Beatrice Lazar.

Margaret Hayes lives down the street from Lazar's home and remembers the day the body was discovered after it had apparently been lying there for two weeks.

"The odor that came from that house, and seeing them go in with masks on and white suits," recalled Hayes.

Authorities say Lazar was hearing impaired and was living alone. She traveled up from south Florida and worked with the Florida State Hospital.

Chattahoochee Police Chief Vann Pullen started working on the case as a young lieutenant. He says Lazar's face has stuck with him.

"We have followed numerous leads and numerous persons of interest. This is what we do on every case, but none of them led to an arrest, so that is why an arrest was never made," said Pullen.

Authorities say 40-year-old Victor Ross is under arrest in connection with the crime. It wasn't until recently that solid evidence was developed, linking Ross to the crime.

"Mr. Ross became a person of interest due to prints found at the scene back in August of 2005 that matched his fingerprints," said Pullen.

There were several fingerprints in that house, but given other evidence, Ross seems to be the strongest person of interest, according to Pullen.

Authorities are not quick to announce a cause of death or the motive. An arraignment for Ross is set for January 9.