The LOCATER: Weapon Against Child Abductions

Local law enforcement is improving the chances of a successful recovery in the event of a child’s abduction through a new program.

Perry Resident Sherry Anderson says it can be difficult keeping up with children, but feels better knowing that the Taylor County Sheriff's Office now has LOCATER, otherwise known as Lost Child Alert Technology Resource.

"I think this is a really good idea because I have one grand baby that I've adopted and I really worry about her sometimes,” she said. “She's bad about walking off in different places. I have to really keep an eye on her."

LOCATER is a web-based program that, in the event of a child’s abduction, allows authorities to send the child's information to other law enforcement agencies to enlist assistance.

Investigator Donna Lee, who is with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office explained, "They would be able to print out posters of the actual child and the information. The media can get the information to the public quicker. When there's a missing child we're always against the clock. If we can get that information out, we can have a better success rate."

Monica Jagentenfl is a mother of two.

She says of the new technology, "If you're ever in an emergency situation like your child is abducted, you would want any resource imaginable immediately to help recover your child."

Lee says the Taylor County Sheriff's Office has never had a child abduction case. She says no matter what happens in the future, with the LOCATER, they are properly armed.

The LOCATER program is offered by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.