A Midway Councilman Signing Out

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Residents marched through Midway to city hall steps chanting "it's time for change."

"There must be some changes in the local level government in this city. There must be some changes with the leadership of day to day operation," said Pastor Willie Brown, one of the protesters.

They don't like how the city is handling the issues they believe are important.

"We need shelter, we need educational tools for our children, we need educational items to help the parents. So we’re trying to get the council to listen to our complaints, hear our complaints and see about making a change," said Jerry Range, a protester.

Protests continued at the city council meeting where change began. City Manager Paul Piller resigned after more than fours years of service.

"I would leave knowing I'm a better person because I had the opportunity to be here and Midway is a better place because I was here," said Piller.

The protesters getting part of what they wanted. Some residents said they will now focus their energy of stopping growth without the necessary infrastructure.