Flags at Half-Staff Debate

The flag now flies at half-staff here at the Leon County Courthouse in memory of Specialist Robert Wise.

But some say getting the flag to this point took too long.

Leon County employee and Vietnam Veteran Rick Carney lowered the courthouse flags late in the afternoon. Five days after Specialist Robert Wise was killed in Iraq.

"It's a matter of pride, honoring a fallen soldier,” says Carney.

Martie Reeves works across the street from the courthouse.

As the mother of a soldier in Iraq, she says it's been sad to see flags at full-staff at the courthouse and the Leon County Armory.

"To see the flags at half staff when we've lost one of our own here, that hurts,” comments Reaves.

Emails show Leon County officials wanted to lower the courthouse flags starting on Friday, but thought federal flag codes called for the governor's authorization.

The governor plans to issue a proclamation on flying flags at half-staff sometime between Tuesday, the date of the memorial service, and Nov. 24, the date of Specialist Wise's interment at Arlington.

Specialist Wise's memorial service at the Leon County Armory is Tuesday night at 6 p.m.

Leon County commissioners may call their meeting into recess to attend the funeral.