10 of 12 Infant Car Seats "Fail Disastrously"

All but one of the infant seats tested by Consumer Reports passed a 30 mile-per-hour impact, but the results changed drastically at higher speeds of 35 miles per hour for front-end crashes and 38 miles per hour for side impact crashes.

The same speeds most cars and SUVs are tested.

Consumer Reports released a disturbing video of one of the 12 car seats tested, twisting off the base and flying off to the side after impact.

Katy Urban, a Tallahassee mother of one with another on the way saw the video Friday morning and said, "It was a little shocking and alarming."

The tests found that 10 of 12 seats "failed disastrously" and two of them received an unacceptable rating. One is Evenflo's Discovery, which did not meet federal standards. Evenflo is disputing the finding.

Eddie Bauer's Comfort also performed with an unacceptable rating because it could not be installed securely. Consumer Reports says Eddie Bauer will give the customer an improved base to those who complain.

Christina Rook said, "You try to buy top of the line and you hope their going to be safe."

Spending top dollar for an infant seat may not mean you're bringing home the safest seat out there. Most of the seats failing the safety tests turned out to be more expensive than the two getting the Consumer Report's recommendation.

The two recommended seats are Baby Trend's Flex-Loc and Graco's Snugride with EPS are both priced at about $90, but Tallahassee Police and Safe Kids Worldwide reassure parents that most car seats are effective when properly used.

Tallahassee Police Traffic INV Joe Giangrosso said, "The biggest mistake is the car seat is not installed tight enough. You've got to get in and put some weight in there and pull that seat belt tight, you don't want it to move more than an inch."

Safety experts say as long as you follow the car seat and vehicle recommendations, you shouldn't have a problem. However, the Consumer Reports safety test seems to say that could depend on the type of seat you use.

For a breakdown of the ratings, go to the "As Seen on WCTV" link on this website.