Search for Police Chief

By Julie Montanaro
January 5, 6:50pm

There's already been a meeting of the minds at Tallahassee's City Hall to decide how to go about choosing a new police chief.

Walt McNeil is resigning in 30 days to take over as Secretary of Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice. That announcement came Thursday.

Friday, City Manager Anita Favors met with Assistant Manager Tom Coe and Human Resources Director Gloria McNeil, who happens to be the chief's wife, to hammer out the details of the search.

"We'll be conducting a national search, and that can consider any candidate, whether it's internal or anywhere in the nation, and we have an award winning, nationally recognized police department that we think will attract numerous great candidates for the position," said Tallahassee city spokeswoman Stefanie Long.

McNeil has served as Tallahassee police chief for the past 10 years. The city manager is expected to name an interim chief in the next few weeks, and naming a permanent replacement could take months.