Lunch N' Learn

Children advocates are working to put parents in the know.

Sixteen-year-old Chris Padgett says he's on the Internet every day, and he is aware of naughty things that show up.

"Pictures from parties, drinking, and lingerie. People trying to get to know you so they can come see you and hang out with you that you don't even know."

The Florida Network of Children's Advocacy Centers says it's the parents who don't know what's going on online. The organization held "Lunch N' Learn," an hour class, to fill them in on potential dangers to their kids.

"It's very important. My children have a MySpace [account]. I've heard different issues on the safety of it, people hacking in and getting information from them and predators."

Experts say one in seven children receives a sexual solicitation over the Internet.

"Talk to [your kids] about Internet use, sit down with them and surf the Internet with them. Set up rules for their access on the Internet. Let their kids know that they don't have to be embarrassed and not going to be punished if they tell about being approached by a predator."

"This is information that really focuses on our future. Today, the Internet is the future. It's bigger than what we expect it is."

And safety tips for kids include the following: Keep personal information to yourself, don't give out passwords, and use a neutral screen name.

The Internet training will be held every Friday in January at Joyce's Main Street Cafe from noon until 1 p.m.