Unwelcomed Substation

A proposed big-city power station has some Thomasville residents fearing for their quality of life. They say an electric sub-station has no place on a "peaceful" country road a little more than two miles east of Highway 19. The area on Pavo Road is a place for homeowners to escape the industry of the city, but they're not sure how much longer that will last.

"It's just going to be a huge structure that's not going to blend at all with the community here."

Residents are upset that the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia is building a six-circuit electric sub-station here. They say the 'growth' MEAG representatives are hoping to bring here doesn't fit the area."

"I certainly understand we need more industry and that's fine, but there are places it needs to be and this isn't one of them," says Elaine Mays.

A MEAG representative tells WCTV, "If we move the substation, it won't be located near a transmission line, and we would have to build more lines. We are building this on one area, and one area alone."

Building procedures have already begun here, but area residents are working to find a different place for them to be finished. Residents say they have come up with several sites they feel would be a better place for an electric station. We will keep you updated on this report.