Gators Get Big BCS Payout

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Playing in a bowl is no longer reward enough for some college football players: Some Buckeyes and Gators want a cut of the millions being generated by the championship game.

Instead, players from top ranked Ohio State and second ranked
Florida are getting portable satellite radios and commemorative wristwatches, first class meals and VIP treatment at posh resorts.

The NCAA has steadfastly maintained that players are amateurs and can't be paid. But bowl games have become increasingly commercial. Fourteen different commercial logos appeared yesterday inside University of Phoenix Stadium, where media day was held.

Bowl pay outs have been mushrooming, too. According to the Football Bowl Association, this year's 31 bowl games will generate 210 million dollars for NCAA schools.

And as Florida defensive tackle Joe Cohen puts it: ``I don't want to sound like I'm greedy. I believe players should be paid, because I'm broke.''

WCTV's Beau Bishop and Layne Herdt are in Glendale and will have continuing coverage as game day approaches. Be sure to check out their reports tonight on Eyewitness News.