Ministry Awareness Walk from Tallahassee to Tampa

If you've ever driven to Tampa you know how long a drive it is now imagine walking to Tampa. That's exactly what a Tallahassee man is doing to raise awareness.

He left from the capitol steps Tuesday morning. Danny Haeberlin is walking. No big deal, right? We all walk every day, but you nor I walk 300 miles. Danny Heaberlin will.

"I'm looking at that hill in front of me and it's killing me right now. That's where god's going to come in," says Danny.

From Tallahassee to Tampa, Danny will walk. Why? He's doing it for the Hope House, where he rehabilitates young men who have been in trouble with the law.

"We take them in food, clothes, shelter. We provide a place for them to stay six months to a year, whatever is needed. We help them find jobs we take them to and from their jobs," says Danny.

Gov. Bush called Danny with a word of support and sent a representative of his faith-based initiative to see Danny off.

"I know it's a long way trip to Tampa. I mean it's a long trip when I drive it so I can't imagine walking it. So we're really excited for him and really excited for his mission."

And for Danny Haeberlin this mission was just what he needed.

"After 23 years in this ministry you kind of get burned out. So this is kind of renewing me also."

All that Danny Haeberlin is bringing with him is water. He'll be relying on churches along the way for food and shelter.