Closed Guns Records

The Florida House judiciary committee passed a bill Wednesday, which keeps government agencies from compiling a database of gun owners. There's concern the bill could keep police from solving crimes.

Police use evidence everyday from guns to solve crimes. Now lawmakers are considering legislation some say will limit police efforts to solve some of the state's most violent cases because the bill being pushed by the NRA would protect the privacy of people who purchase guns.

The legislation would mean if someone came in to purchase a gun from a firearms dealer, his or her name could not automatically go into a database.

NRA spokesperson Marion Hammer says first registration, then confiscation.

"Registration tells people who would take your firearms, take your rights, and take your privacy and your sense of security where to gun to take your gun."

Rep. Dan Gelber says as a former federal prosecutor he's opposed to the bill. He says it would tie the hands of police and prosecutors.

"A triple murder was solved through those records, a double murder was solved through those records, a cop throw down, a true violation of rights by somebody under cover of law was solved by those records," says Rep. Gelber.

The legislation would mean firearms dealers like Mark Folmer could not hand over lists of gun buyers to the police. He says he understands both sides and hopes lawmakers will reach an agreement with middle ground.