Gadsden County School Board Places Ban on Confederate Flag

The Gadsden County school board says anything that distracts students from learning will be dealt with. It was a student driven petition started at Greensboro High School that prompted the school board to propose the ban.

Administrators at Greensboro say there was heated debate, but they also say they are thrilled with their students and the way they've handled themselves.

The confederate flag is a topic of some debate at Greensboro High School.

"There's been a lot of controversy about wearing confederate flag t-shirts between different people at school. Friday they were banned,” says senior Amanda Burdick.

"There's been some complications with these Dixie Shirts. It's causing some distractions," adds senior Charles Murray.

And it's because of the potential for distraction that the Gadsden County school board has decided to ban the symbol from school grounds.

"The shirts have been prohibited but it's any item that may be offensive. Our main priority is the children's education," says Misty Cash.

Administrators at Greensboro say they're students are essentially getting a hands on civics lesson.

"I think the kids have handled it quite well. They have listened and instead of acting and reacting violently they have petitioned, talked to the principal," says Assistant Principal Pauline West.

Some students say they happy with school board decision and others. All over the country, schools are banning the symbol; most recently Florida High banned t-shirts with the symbol.

So far there is no word on whether or not students and parents will fight the ban, but a similar ban was put into place in Alachua County. Students and parents challenged it, and lost.