Miracle Child Homecoming

Eyewitness News reporter Jamie Praechter takes us to the homecoming of a little girl some are calling a miracle child.

The excitement mounted as friends, family and even strangers gathered to meet their two-year-old hero, Jenna Paige Strickland.

"Jenna is a gift from God. She has taught us things we would never have known had we not had Jenna."

Family members say this beloved child has been a "miracle" since day one. Jenna was born with seven heart defects, downs syndrome and was told she wouldn't live past her first 24 hours.

Jenna spent the past long nine weeks at Children's Hospital in Boston where she underwent a heart surgery that has never been performed before.

"When we left, the doctors said, she is only leaving because she is Jenna, because nobody else could go thought what she has and make it out alive,” says Paige Strickland.

This little angel's fight to live has not only marveled doctors. Jenna has literally invited the world to join her on her journey. More than 1,500 people from around the globe have come together in prayer through her very own web site.

"This child has not just touched our region, she has literally sparked revival in our country."

Now Jenna is off to start the next chapter of her life with a new heart and it's clear she'll continue to touch hearts wherever she goes. Jenna's mom says Jenna's next step is to regain her strength so she can start acting like the two-year-old child she is again.