Murder Trial Begins

By Julie Montanaro
January 9, 7:05pm

A couple accused of murder is now on trial in Tallahassee.

Prosecutors say Danny Joe Brown and Udreka Anderws hatched a plan to beat and rob Mylon Lowe, and wound up killing him instead.

Tim Powell drove Mylon Lowe home the night of the murder. He was among the first to testify at trial. He says he went to his friend's apartment that day in July 2005 because no one could reach Mylon Lowe by phone and Lowe hadn't shown up for work.

Powell says he met Lowe's mother and sister at the apartment and pried the door open with a pair of scissors, only to discover his friend dead on the floor.

"I guess I didn't want to believe he was dead," Powell said, "so I figured he was just sleeping or something and I went over to him and I touched him and he was cold."

Lowe's sister, Kershelia Jenkins, walked into the apartment to find Powell and her mother kneeling over Lowe's body.

"Tim was hollering, 'no,' and my mama was hollering, 'my baby, my baby, my baby, no, not my baby,' and I'm just standing here in shock right now."

But attorneys for Danny Joe Brown and Udreka Andrews got Jenkins to admit that Mylon Lowe sold drugs and that she and others tried to remove a gun and a box of money from the apartment before police arrived on scene.

"Did you pick the gun up off the bed?" asked defense attorney Adam Ruiz.

"No, I did not," Jenkins answered.

"Do you know who picked the gun up off the bed?"

"No, I do not."

"Do you know who all touched that gun?"

"No, I don't know who all touched it."

Hours before Mylon Lowe was killed, both his sister and his friend had advised him to steer clear of Udreka Andrews because he had broken up with her sister just weeks earlier.

Prosecutors contend that's what started this whole thing, a plot to seduce Lowe and then get him back for that breakup.

Prosecutors readily admit the pair didn't go to the apartment intending to kill Lowe, but say that's what ultimately happened when Lowe reached for his own gun. Testimony resumes Wednesday morning.