Sexual Offender/Predator Ordinance

Convicted sexual offenders who call this area home are finding themselves with limited living arrangements.

A new ordinance is now in effect in Suwannee County.

Commissioners are restricting convicted sexual offenders and predators from living within 2,500 feet of any school, bus stop, day care, park, playground or public library.

Donald Gordon, a Suwannee County father, said, "I think it's a good ordinance because you got a lot of kids in this area, as far as sex predators are concerned. They need to do just what they have to do to try to keep them away from the streets."

Jacqueline Gandy, a Suwannee County mother of two, added, "I don't approve of it because I wouldn't put anyone 2,500 feet away form a church or playground just because they have a sexual predator background. Always have adults present when children are there, and that's the way you stop a lot of that from happening."

Sexual predators already living within the 2,500 feet allowance can be grandfathered in.