Testimony Puts Suspect at Murder Scene


Several witnesses took the stand this morning in the murder trial of a couple accused of plotting to beat and rob a Tallahassee man.

Udreka Andrews and Danny Joe Brown are accused of murdering 24-year-old Mylon Lowe in his apartment in July 2005.

Today jurors heard from two cab drivers who testified that the accused couple was picked up the night of the murder and that Brown was dropped off a few blocks from the victim's apartment and Andrews was dropped off at the victim's apartment and was seen going upstairs.

They can pinpoint when they arrived and left the murder scene.

Also, one of Danny Joe Brown's neighbors, Gene Smith, testified that after police conducted a search warrant of his apartment Brown asked Smith to look in a closet and tell him what he saw.

Smith says he lied to Brown saying he didn't see anything, but in fact he saw a gun which he reported to police.