FCI Guards Sentenced to One Year in Prison

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Former prison guard Gregory Dixon now finds himself on the other side of steel bars. After admitting to having sex with inmates in exchange for contraband like cigars, a judge sentenced him to one year in prison.

Dixon was handcuffed and taken into custody Wednesday afternoon. It was his decision to begin his sentence right away.

"He wants to get it over with, get back on his with life, as the judge said. He's led an exemplary life and he's ready to get this behind him and get on with his life," said attorney Thomas Findley.

Dixon's fellow guard, Alan Moore, who denies the charges, will also spend one year behind bars. He must report to prison by March 12.

Family members and friends walking out of court said the sentence was not fair.

"He was a scapegoat. I think Alan Moore was a scapegoat to try to show as an example for those who probably didn't get what they deserved," said Sonya Lindsee.

Moore's pastor, Theodore Beckwith, said it could have been worse.

"I think it was unfair, just 12 months. I was hoping he'd be deleted of any time, but thank the Lord it's just 12 months."

The accusations against Dixon and Moore and the others made national headlines this summer when fellow Correctional Officer Ralph Hill opened fire on arresting agents.

Hill and an agent were killed. Moore's attorney says he plans to appeal.

A fifth guard, Lavon Spence, recently suffered a stroke and is still recovering. His sentencing has been pushed back to February 15.