Special Olympic Winter Games

It's time to let the winter games begin in south Georgia. Some very special athletes in the area gathered to show case their skills at the annual Special Olympics.

Overall more than 400 kids came out Thursday competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons, but these super athletes as they are called say the competition isn't the only thing that they look forward to every year

While these kids came here determined to work on their free throw shots, there seems to be something else that they really get a kick out of, and that's why every year hundreds of these very special athletes take center court for Georgia's Special Olympic winter games.

"Competition is fun no matter what skill level and they get the opportunity to show what they can do, that's important to all kids," says Rose Goodson.

Kenndellyn Barron, who is a volunteer this year, has a disabled friend that's participating. She says that makes this event that much more important to her.

"He can't do a lot of things and if he can do little things like throwing the ball and dribbling it makes him feel really good,” says Kenndellyn Barron.

It makes kids feel good and puts smiles not only on these kids’ faces, but those who care so much about them.

"It makes them feel special and if I'm here helping them, then I can apart of that and that makes me feel good," says Kenndellyn.

The kids were from Thomas, Colquitt, Mitchell and Dougherty Counties. They also took part in a bowling competition and some competed in basketball games with students from local

Thursday was the only day of the winter olympics, but there will be spring games next year with track and field events and volleyball as well summer games, so if you missed the winter events, there's still the spring and summer.