Tallahassee Reception Recognizes Problem of Homelessness

With new demographic reports in, advocates say the face of homelessness has changed.

Looking at Donald Whitehead, you'd never know the struggles he once had as an addict and a homeless person, but now as the executive director for the National Coalition for the Homeless, he's traveling the country with a message.

“Twenty years ago the picture of homelessness was that of an older white male. Today it is women and children,” says Whitehead.

At a survivor luncheon to honor National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, local advocates say Tallahassee is no different.

“In Tallahassee, a lot of families are working full time and can't simply pay for an apartment,” says Kay Freeman of the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless.

Mother of six, Dana Martin has been down that road, but thanks to Bethany Family Apartments, which houses families in need, she's now on a road to recovery.

“For someone who went from middle class to homeless, it was extremely hard, it was devastating,” says Dana Martin, who was previously homeless.

Advocates say you can help families in our area through donations and volunteer work. For more information call the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless at 850 576-5566.