Judge Rules in Madison County Landfill Dispute

The decision is now being appealed from the other members of the Aucilla landfill regional board. Garbage trucks dump more than 300 tons of trash every day at the Aucilla landfill in Greenville, but some commissioners on the Aucilla board want to allow other counties to dump more trash at the site with hopes of lowering disposal fees to residents

"I felt like that we needed to allow the outside waste garbage to come in that way we could reduce the cost of the tipping fee and by reducing the cost of the tipping fee that would in essence drop the assessment in all four counties," says Jessie "Gene" Cooksey, Jefferson County Commissioner:

But commissioners from Madison disagree with the idea. In fact they took the matter to court asking a circuit judge to give them the authority to refuse outside waste.

"Judge Peach ruled in Madison county's favor as to striking the 3rd amendment to our interlocal agreement as I understand it, what that says is that the outside garbage will not be allowed to come into our facility," says Ronnie Moore, Madison County Commissioner.

The Aucilla waste facility is comprised of four members, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor and Dixie counties. Jefferson and Dixie Commissioners have decided to appeal the judge’s decision.

"I feel no one county Jefferson, Madison, Taylor or Dixie should have the veto power over the counties in a consortium that have all of us on equal bases," Cooksey says.

Dixie, Taylor and Jefferson County commissioners plan on appealing the decision at the district courts.