Lowndes High Band in the Big Apple

Nine months of preparations have wrapped up, and the band is ready to go.

The Lowndes High Band, the Georgia Bridgemen, is polishing off its routine for its Thanksgiving Day performance at the Macy's Parade in New York City.

"Making sure everything's going to be good because we're on national TV I know the kids are getting real excited, I know we're working really hard, I'm just glad that we'll be going to NYC, its a privilege to be in the Macy's Parade," says LHS junior Shana Stanley.

This band has a long and rich tradition, but band members say they are especially thrilled about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"The Bridgemen is a very big tradition and I've always known we would do big things, but I didn't think we'd go this far. It’s a real big opportunity for us," says LHS senior Brooks Garrett.

It’s also a major process getting 361 band members and their gear to New York City. Band leaders say they are able to make this trip because the Lowndes County community has stepped up to make it a reality.

"The community has been fantastic with support. We've got all kinds of financial support from various aspects of the community, so we're able to take all these students to Macy's," says Charles Todd, band director.

And now these students say they're just ready to make history in the parade. The band will leave on Sunday, and spend a few days touring New York City and even see an off-Broadway play before performing on Thanksgiving Day.