Reopened Humane Society Needs Volunteers

Even though this is good news, the organization is now facing other obstacles. These stray animals have been rescued by the Jefferson County Humane Society, but two months ago the table was turned.

"We closed because we lost our liability insurance carrier it was not covering any non profit organization we had to go and search for new coverage and unfortunately we were looking at a much bigger expense than we previously had to cover,” says Betsy Pertierra, volunteer, Jefferson County Humane Society.

The facility is now operating on a limited basis, and while that's good news, they're facing other problems like finding funds to keep it afloat.

"If we don't get the money that we need and more volunteers to help the shelter cannot reopen to be a fully functioning shelter, which is what we all want to happen."

The Humane Society relies on volunteers and they're hoping Jefferson County residents will lend a hand to care for these homeless animals. In the meantime, these volunteers have been using their own money to care for these sick abandoned animals, and they say if they don't get donations or volunteers to help them during these difficult times. They may be forced to close the doors on the shelter permanently.

There will be a meeting on December 2 at the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce for anyone willing to volunteer their services.