Walk on the Wild Side at Local Art Festival

Thousands of art lovers and exhibitors are "migrating south" for the weekend, heading to the 8th Annual Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, a show that draws many artists back year after year.

Preparing for the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival has been a week long affair for many exhibitors. Artists from all over the country have been coming back for years. They say it's worth the time they put into the exhibit that will be seen by almost 10,000 people.

But the artists say it isn't the crowd alone which brings them back every year. It's the quality of the customer that draws them.

"There's a potential to make a lot of sales here and I've personally experienced a lot of success at this show," says Cole Johnson.

Only about 60 exhibitors are featured at the festival each year. They say the intimacy of the show means they're more likely to draw the attention of customers and sell their work.

"You could even walk around twice, see what you want and then go back and buy it. You couldn't do that at a larger show," says Helen Livingston.

Organizers say that's one of the finer points of being a small show and it ends up working well for everyone involved.

The festival kicks off Saturday morning at 10 a.m. For more information, call the Thomasville Cultural Center at 229-226-0588.