Cable Guy Charged With Indecent Exposure

The Comcast repairman calls it an accident, but Tallahassee police aren't buying it. Comcast repairmen visit customers’ homes every day, but Tallahassee police say on November 4, a woman, home alone, got more than she bargained for.

Thirty-two-year-old Michael Roussell turned himself in Thursday evening to face indecent exposure charges. Police reports show the woman contacted Comcast Cable after the incident, but was told Roussell was still on the job. That's when she turned to police.

According to arrest papers, when the victim and a friend confronted Mr. Roussell, he said, quote, “I'm a happily married man and sometimes zippers accidentally come unzipped. When questioned by police, he told them his genitals were sore that day and he had reconfigured his underwear to get some relief."

"That was the extent to which he explained himself. It's very difficult to hide that kind of incident and it's very difficult to explain it away,” said Stewart Clendinen.

Comcast spokeswoman Claire Evans says Roussell has now been placed on leave until the charges against him are resolved, and police want to be sure no other customers were exposed to the same treatment.

"We're asking any citizen who has any knowledge or information concerning sexual exposure having to do with a Comcast repairman to please contact the TPD Sex Crimes Unit," said Stewart Clendinen

Roussell has been booked and released from jail. His arraignment is set for December 16.