Holiday Travel

Signs that the holiday rush has begun could be found at the Tallahassee Regional Airport, but before boarding your flight there are some things that might make for less turbulence.

With relatives spread out across the United States, Jacque Oswin considers herself a veteran holiday traveler. While Jacque and her family are just landing in the capitol city, hundreds more are looking to leave, like Mike Pickett bound for Pittsburgh.

Airport authorities say you should arrive at least an hour and a half before your flight is scheduled to hit the friendly skies. That way you can get in, out and on your way.

"Trying to keep lines at second checkpoint moving so everyone makes flight if get here 90 minutes ahead of flight time, travel light and pack light," David Pollard said.

Much as you can into your checked baggage and carry on as little as possible, but there is one item you'll want to leave out.

"I packed camera and had to take it out so film not ruined," said Geraldine Cooney.

Local airlines say they're at maximum capacity this Thanksgiving. With full flights comes heavy holiday traffic in the sky and down below.

David pollard with the Tallahassee Regional Airport wants to remind passengers there is no curbside parking and enforcement will be active. If you leave your car unattended anytime you can be fined or possibly towed. Airport authorities say do not wrap them, just wait to do that until you reach your final destination